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Here is my testament to my work with Aneeahseah’s Invincibility Series.  Three years ago I was ending a long-term unhealthy primary relationship.  Simultaneously my beautiful 18 year old cat was dying.  I was losing my home and was in a business partnership with an aggressive & abusive woman who seemed determined to destroy me. Simultaneously to all that I had just met a beautiful man who I fell in love with instantly but was pushing away because I was so full of fear and heartache.

All at this same time frame I received an e-mail out of the blue from an amazing friend inviting me to come to a retreat her teacher of 15 yrs was holding.  I was alarmed by the price tag of this retreat but on the other hand I could not ignore the timing. This is where my head was when Aneeahseah and her Invincibility Series came into my life.

Three years later I am now engaged to that beautiful man (yay!!!), I am the sole owner of my own business,  I am opening a second business and have a beautiful 1 1/2 yr old dog and a beautiful home.  Regardless of how I felt about my lack of finances I summoned my courage went to the retreat and it was the best money I have ever spent.  I invested in my life and saved it.  Priceless!!  My work with Aneeahseah has taught me how to create the life I love, everyday.  Sylvia Holden, Proud Fiance’ of Davin, Mother to D’Ville and Owner of Mary’s & MBY, Brooklyn, NY

Aneeahseah is by far the teacher who has given me the most clarity of intention.  She has taken a personal vested investment in me as she does in every single one of her students. This alone makes her an exceptional teacher. Aneeahseah’s teachings and lessons have brought me the capacity to be able to have and expand the yoga studio, to be blessed with so many amazing students & an incredible team of teachers. I’m ready to manifest the next steps both personally and for the business (partners?). By experience, this is an unbeatable place to start with an incredible teacher who knows my name, asks about my children and whose teachings work. Her initial teachings got me so far. It’s time for me to go back for more, I have so much more that I want to do and be!  Wendy Vigroux, CEO & Founder, Westchester Yoga Arts, New Rochelle, NY

I am so grateful to be working with you and I thank you for bringing us the tools so that we may live joyful, loving, compassionate and exemplary lives. When using your Quantum Creation techniques my manifestations rapidly come to me and are very specific. I see miracles in my life daily. I am no longer astounded when the miracles happen — I have come to expect them. This give me feelings of self confidence I no longer thought I had and propels me to continue to create a thrilling life of brilliant and exciting happenings! Thank you for your nurturing love and patience and for always supporting us when we forget our brilliance! Tricia De Felice, Creator & Owner, Loving Hands AromaReiki, Talent, Oregon

Thank you so much for the meditations in the Field of All Possibilities. As I left the meditation this morning I was so aware of being immersed in joy and love! What an amazing way to start my day. I am so appreciative of these teachings!  Shoshana Leopold, MS, M.Ed

I want to thank you soooooo very much for our work In the Quantum Field. This morning I was making promotional calls for Reflexology and found myself both having feelings that would drag me down from success and clarity that those were just feelings that I could respond to with one of the easy to do Invincible intercessions.  The result was clear and immediate!  When i gained my balance the wins were obvious: through focusing upon the client we both enjoyed the win of a new appointment.  I am continually joyous on my path, bringing in success by doing the work where it is needed: In The Field and here on Earth. So beautiful! Thank you, SL, Talent, Oregon

I had a most delightful experience last night as we were in Satsang with you Aneeahseah. I had a negative and difficult reaction that is very familiar from when I was a kid.  Thanks to our Invincible trainings, as soon as I recognized the feeling I immediately did an intercession.  Immediately that old, survival feeling had no choice but to be gone.  That is what I hear you teach when you say “as soon as you get a whiff of an old memorized feeling do an intercession”. I feel freedom, success and being on my path of joy :). thank you for being our teacher and teaching us how to create freedom, joy and willingness!  Shoshana Leopold, MS, M.Ed., Creator Rogue Valley Reflexology, Ashland, Oregon

A quick note to let you know how grateful I am for the work we are doing with the Ascension Breath and going into the quantum field in our QuantuMantra Meditations.  My how it brings light-ness to a job that challenges me to stay in joy and love. My elementary students are experiencing great difficulties at a young age and it is essential for me to be grounded in joy as I help them sort out/identify their experiences and develop life living, vibrant choices to bring to their classroom behaviors. With the work we are doing, I am finding great success in doing so! Thank you from my heart and on behalf of all the lives that are benefitting from this work.

Interweaving the Invincibility Series into everyday life: I recommend doing so! Here’s one reason why: after habitually thinking negative thoughts, I have a highly effective system of immediately changing those thoughts. When I am willing to change, commit myself to pay attention and to exercise the discipline of employing a technique which can literally take seconds to do, I get fabulous results, which start with a clear mind and beautiful feelings of serenity and joy.

Thank you for teaching us how to create our day through our meditations! What an opportunity to wake up in the morning and create joy for the entire day. With gratitude and appreciation.

Thanks so much for the amazing practices you have been gifting us with! I have been working in the Field on manifesting a love relationship in my life. Just a few days after my not paying attention to internet dating for a long time, an electronic message walked right up to me and waved at me! I answered it and struck up a conversation with an interesting man. In the meantime, I have received a messages from a few other people. All this after no messages for a very long time! The man I am conversing with has many of the attributes I have been bringing into my life through our meditations. How awesome! As I think about where this relationship may go, I know that I have a lot to say–that is I have a lot I can create in the Field– about what happens from here!

One of the best of the many excellent benefits of studying with the Invincibility Series is that I am honoring my commitments in a way that I have not done before. Becoming conscious of what I have been bringing to the table–the “hangups”, the assumptions of what is normal, the beliefs of what I was capable of and what was part of my personality–is the basis to change what I thought were unchangeable. Through our meditations and our store house of tools for change I am truly creating new ideas & possibilities of what I can accomplish. I am accomplishing so much more!

Our new meditations bring so much! One of the benefits of these meditations for me has been seeing my human limitations in a different way. I feel that through these meditations I am clearing out the underbrush of limiting attitudes, seeing myself with greater and greater honesty and letting go with love. I feel and am so blessed and life keeps on getting better! Thank you Aneeahseah!!!

My Life is ecstatic due to this work. You are a brilliant teacher and your teachings are over -the-top. You bring us to the precipice of all encompassing joy, love and creation and give us the tools to live the lives we are destined to live and of all we envision them to be, guiding us to live in the now, to rid ourselves of all that stops us from attaining exquisite joy and abundance. I love every minute of my life and I have you and The Invincibility Series to thank for that. I Love You!  Tricia De Felice, Creator & Owner, Loving Hands AromaReiki, Talent, Oregon

The Invincibility Series has changed my life!  Working with Aneeahseah and the Invincibility Series has been (literally) a God-send. Six months ago I was in physical, emotional and spiritual pain, frustrated and unhappy. I have learned to treat myself with love and respect and how to create a life and a future of my own choosing . My spiritual life has flourished. My injury (for which surgery was recommended) is now healed through our work in the Quantum Field. Aneeahseah has been the best possible teacher and mentor and I am immeasurably grateful for her guidance and support. I awake every morning in joyful anticipation of another day filled with love and blessings.  C.M., Ashland, OR

I am writing to thank you so much for your guidance and role modelling in general–And in particular, I want to say thank you for consistently teaching us that it is always possible to forgive and to change what is going on in our lives.

You teach concrete and practical methods that each of us can–quite literally–employ moment to moment to create freedom in our own lives!

Dear Aneeahseah, Thank you so much for teaching us to enter the field of all possibilities through our meditations. Today I had remarkable experiences of love: I was focussing on computer work when I felt a delicious experience of Generosity and Love flowing through me. A little later, as I was coming back from mediation & re entering the “every day” world I was filled with a sense of peace and love and a sense that I was embraced by and bathed in the Spirit of Divine Creator. What Beauty these meditations offer! Thank you so much!

There are so many testimonials I can give for the Invincibility Series because Aneeahseah is a Master Teacher who gives generously & with unflagging energy from her heart and her vast wisdom! By practicing the techniques Aneeahseah teaches I have created wonderful manifestations: I harnessed the creation process we learned at one of our retreats and practiced it and I am happy to report that by doing so I manifested the gift of a trip to Israel for 3 weeks and a car! These did not appear to be within my budgetary abilities at the time~ but truly they were, because I created them with my Spiritual abilities. With the support and guidance of Aneeahseah and the Invincibility Series and keeping myself to the discipline of ever better practice I am harnessing and developing these Spiritual abilities. I keep on seeing the blessings grow in my life, including seeing so many of life’s blessings that I did not see at earlier times! The list is long and grows longer and starts off with serenity, authenticity and self love. I can’t wait to write another testimonial soon!

Thank you for our magnificent new meditations. I really feel that I am working with Divine Creator! Yesterday I imagined being given a set of earphones on a plane ride home and was given them. This morning, I was in the meditation for an hour and came out knowing I had been in an enchanted land! After 4 hours of sleep, I worked well with energy all day without a second thought. Money, food & earning opportunities have been offered in ways I did not predict. New clients, colleagues & connections have come into my life. Throughout the day I was honored with opportunities to make a difference in the life of both children and adults. People have been positive. welcoming and kind. 🙂 Thank you for teaching us this wisdom and how to apply it with care and reverence. I know I will have more to share with you soon!

I am so grateful that I have this community to pray with! I work with young people who experience all kinds of challenges in their precious young lives, experiences which are full of trauma and difficulty. The stories these kiddos bring to me and my colleagues can be burdensome. Through my studies with the Invincibility Series, I have come to see these stories as an opportunity to help the children and their families heal and transform. I know that this healing is happening and much more so because I bring my prayers to share with you and the rest of our community. In this way, I choose to lift the burdens and share love, dedication and commitment to service!