Freedom Breath & QuantumMantra Meditation Practices

IMG_1274Wednesday & Sunday mornings: 8:00 to 9:15am

Isn’t it time to learn to meditate with Ancient Wisdom Mantras  as they merges with the Quantum Field? By attending Aneeahseah’s powerful guided QuantuMantra© meditations, you’ll learn to make this a real part of your life. Celebrate take-away strategies¨that can help you create instant connection with your Divine Self. This is a great program whether you’re a beginner and it’s the first time you’ve studied Invincibility Series QuantuMantra or if you’re a seasoned meditation veteran. Find out what others have learned in creating the ideal Life and watch as positive changes surprise and delight you. Gather your family and friends. Get registered and prepare to experience the miracles that are a daily event in our Invincible Community!

$15.00 per program OR a donation of non-perishable food for the Ashland Food Project.

Available worldwide via live-streaming presentation, or in person at the Invincible Heart Center, Ashland, OR. Please register online to reserve your spot.



Private Sessions


Master Coaching sessions with Aneeahseah are once again available to the public at large.  In these sessions you will find your Courage, learn what to do with it & how to keep it once you find it!  You will also discover, with your newly upgraded Courage, what your actual Mission is!  Once discovered through time-tested and testimonial backed traditions & training you’ll set your sails on the Goals that your Gut, not your head, Your HEART, not your ‘have to’s’  tell you are yours truly and away we’ll go into your program of unlimited creation abilities.  All this taught directly by Aneeahseah, Creator of Invincible Heart Traditions, Invincibility Series & Invincible Courage Academy.  A death survivor of childhood cancer; a several time multi-millionaire; one who helped co-create several large institutions of Healing; Celtic & Spiritual Mysticism as well as having lived in a modern day monastery and who has now returned to give all the ‘secrets’ to those who want them.

Tuition: $300.

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All my Warmest Regards,
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Invincibility Series
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