Aneeahseah-3-008The Invincibility Series provides a space and a place, a training and explaining, so each person can assign a greater meaning to their Life’s work for those who feel a stirring, a longing as it were, to go where the world at large isn’t necessarily offering them a readily available pathway, and onward & upward into Enlightened Freedom.

Aneeahseah Adalayah Statile had a near-death experience at the age of 17 that would change her life forever. This seemingly tragic event was actually a remarkable awakening experience, where an other-worldly cognition revealed a prominent loving deity and levels of heavens filled with multitudes of divine beings, spirit guides, and angels. From this ‘passing’, Aneeahseah, whose name means one who walks with God, returned aware of her own creation in Puru,“the Quantum Field, and how to walk in the here and now in the full power of that knowledge.

The experience broadened her awareness of Oneness with Divine Creator in the Quantum Field. Thus began a 45-year journey of sourcing teachings from a place of God-Consciousness, and imparting those teachings to others.

With spiritual insights that she was compelled to share, including the ability to cognize cosmic conscious truths, read the Akashic records, and channel the Christ/Buddha and Collective Consciousness, she became renowned for her intuitive gifts and precise medical empath and healing abilities.

Recognizing that each of us possesses these capabilities and have the same Divine Creator as Source, she was compelled to teach and empower others. Aneeahseah clearly understood her path was to process, define, and deliver all the information she was blessedly granted. Offering the opportunity to access this Divine state in the here and now as a fundamental part of our everyday lives, she provides training for all those seeking what she calls Enlightened Freedom.

She proceeded to establish a prominent and successful Alternative Healing center on the East Coast, helped to found and inspire a renowned Chiropractic College, and was a founding member of the Board of Directors for Columcille Megalith Park, the remarkable Celtic spiritual center in Pennsylvania. Called to expand her vital reach of love, wisdom, healing, and awakening to a greater number of people, she knew she had completed her work with these projects. After traveling to many of the world’s greatest temples and lands she made her home in the Pacific Northwest.

For more than two decades, Aneeahseah lived and studied in a modern-day monastic ashram. She continues to advance her multitude of spiritual truths by studying with the world’s greatest Quantum Physicists, Spiritualists, and Mystics, and communing directly with Divine Creator and many levels of Deity ‘in heaven’ at home in the Invincible Heart Center in Southern Oregon.

Through the path of The Invincibility Series, Aneeahseah teaches her students to access their own connection with Divine Creator to create their future, just as they have always dreamed it to be and beyond!