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Aneeahseah had the remarkable good fortune to be born a sixth generation Australian and to move to America the Beautiful with her parents and siblings at the young age of five.  Her name means “Following a life of adversity, one who walks with God”.  After an eventful upbringing, she suffered a tragic “near death” experience (Aneeahseah laughingly calls it her ‘dear-death’ experience.).  In this remarkable awakening Aneeahseah experienced “other-worldly” cognition of a place and space beyond this world filled with Loving Deity, Guides & Angels in a place she came to understand as High-Heaven & beyond.  She returned with awe inspiring “spiritual gifts” including abilities to hear & see beyond this reality, to cognize cosmic conscious truths, to read the “akashic records” and to be a channel for remarkable healing including extremely precise medical empath abilities that have brought her remarkable renown. 


Five years after this blessed awakening Aneeahseah had another of what was to be a life-long process of profound Awakenings that continue to this day.  She clearly understood her path was to “process, define & deliver” all the information she was blessedly granted when she ‘passed’ from this life into the next. 


She went on to create & develop a prominent and hugely successful Alternative Healing center on the East Coast and was a Board of Directors Founder for Columcille, the remarkable Celtic Spiritual center & Megalith Park in Pennsylvania.  Completing her time there & knowing she was to drastically expand her vital reach of love, wisdom, healing & awakening to the many, she left the rich and powerful material life behind, moving on to discover the “more than material” riches that came so easily to her. 


After traveling to many of the world’s greatest temples and lands she returned to the great Pacific Northwest where she continues to reside .   After living a monastic (a/k/a Ashram) lifestyle for over two decades she now continues studying and developing all the very best  practces that are working across the spectrum in this remarkable world of Mysticism marries Earthly existence in Excellence!


Aneeahseah believes ALL people who so desire it deserve to know:

  • ©  - - What she gained through the death experience wisdom.
  • ©  - - The attainment of remarkable human, business & healing successes.
  • ©  - - All she gained from the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in this pursuit of this wisdom and expertise.


She now offers a rich and rarefied system of portals bridging the human to Awakened Being, living authentically and successfully in both worlds.  This remarkable work, the Invincibility Series, beloved by all who have had the privilege of practicing and experiencing its benefits, is easy, joyous, systematic, mystical and proven!


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There is something remarkable being said when a group of students so love the Teacher, teachings, tenets AND all the inherent Wins that they unanimously decide to devote the next 5 years in time and finances investing in the full development and future of the Invincibility Series: Self-Realization that’s Simple, Proven, Fun AND for EVERYONE.  Extreme & Loving Gratitude to my Invincible partners: Tricia De Felice, Jo Ann Haun, Susan Blum, bottom: Vadim Marcovalo, Aneeahseah & Berndette Goss.



Our Mission Statement:  The Invincibility Series exists to provide extraordinary and highly accessible systems & tenets of enhanced & brilliant mystical wisdom, wholly dedicated to the Self-Realization potential for each individual and their ability to Live the Love, the Light and the Beauty of “Greater & Highest” Self, that we may all know Complete Freedom, Now, Today & Always! Aneeahseah