Upcoming Programs

Through the study of The Invincible Heart Traditions trainings, one is able to change the very course of their future and redesign their destiny or dharma to align with their utmost dreams and desires.  One can also expect to get to know the important “all” about themselves in ways they may not have considered and in so doing, discover the joyous and profound power therein. Once we realize that we are all fundamentally good, happy, healthy, wealthy, and awakening, all we have to do is get out of the way of that truth and enjoy the precious and bountiful unfolding. ALL you can IMAGINE is waiting for you.  Let us show you how easy it is to get there.

Aneeahseah’s Renowned Private Sessions now reduced by 75% 

November & December, 2016 – Private Shamanic Healing Sessions & Spiritual-Healing Coaching.  

When one becomes unbalanced, focuing on just one or two parts of the whole pie of life, the whold becomes abhorent.
New reduced tuition $75.00 just for November & December 25th, 2016.
Aneeahseah’s astonishingly powerful, insightful, wisdom-filled and greatly assistive private sessions are reduced by 75%.  Take the “courage assesment”, learn where you are in your own ability to move powerfully forward into the life you have always dreamed of having.  Usual tuitions $300.00  online & $325.00 in person.  Take advantage of this introduction to “the Work” that will literally transform your life into exactly what you’ve longed for.  Register now at:  Aneeahseah.Appointy.com or below:


New Year’s Eve celebration, 2016 into 2017

December 31 9:30 – 12:30.  Tuition $45.00 or non perishable food for Ashland Food Project.  Must register to attend & receive preparation work & information to attain the greatest benefits!

Learn how to change the problems you see in the world into the year you always dreamed could be true.  ANYTHING is possible!  In this remarkable program of talk (Satsang) and QuantuMantra meditation in the Morphogenic Field, consciously, you’ll remember to remember how we got into this place to begin with and all the power inherent in the “problems” you would dearly like to change.

New Invincible Courage Academy Coaching Program with Certified Coach Tricia De Felice

Study & learn how to evaluate your life – discovering what you wish to do to and all that may be blocking your attainment.  12 week programs available to make major changes in your life!  Appointments available in January, 2017.

March 3 Month Master Class

Don’t consider your final Chapter before you have Really & Fully Lived!
Online program with question & answer blog to keep the success strong. Completely Up grade your game by joining with Master Teacher, Aneeahseah & Master Team-Mates to actually make the breakthroughs you’ve been calling for. Every step of your way is proven to be augmented, systemized, elevated &successful during this most important time in your life as one year ends and another begins. Discover your Mission, eliminate your blocks keeping you from it, take the steps necessary & drive your Dreams into actual Destiny!
Dates: 3/1/17 through 5/31/17
$3,500/$3,000 when also attending Magical Maui Whale, Dolphin & Spiritual Immersion Retreat 10/2017 with Courage Whisperer Aneeahseah, Whale & Dolphin Visit Wisdom and more great Awakenings!

Soul, Spirit & Maui Ocean Retreat

Mystical Beautiful Deep Dive – Soul, Spirit & Ocean Retreat: 6 night, 5 day Maui Retreat 11/5-11/2017 with Courage Whisperer Aneeahseah, Whale  & Dolphin Ocean and Mystical delights abound.  Meditation Immersion to cement your evolution and deep ocean explorations.  Stay tuned for more information coming soon.
Enjoy your Free video of our I-Am-Isms & the Invincible Intercession in place to take you from lack of forgiveness into the arms of the awaiting freedom: “Forgiveness”. Try it, you’ll like it!