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Through the study of The Invincible Heart Traditions trainings, one is able to change the very course of their future and redesign their destiny or dharma to align with their utmost dreams and desires.  One can also expect to get to know the important “all” about themselves in ways they may not have considered and in so doing, discover the joyous and profound power therein. Once we realize that we are all fundamentally good, happy, healthy, wealthy, and awakening, all we have to do is get out of the way of that truth and enjoy the precious and bountiful unfolding. ALL you can IMAGINE is waiting for you.  Let us show you how easy it is to get there.

Aneeahseah’s Renowned Private Sessions  

Private Shamanic Healing Sessions & Spiritual-Healing Coaching.  

When one becomes unbalanced, focusing on just one or two parts of the whole pie of life, one’s life may become difficult.

Take the “Wheel of Life Assessment”, learn where you are in your own ability to move powerfully forward into the life you have always dreamed of having.

Tuitions $325.00 by phone & $375.00 in person. Take advantage of “the Work” that will literally transform your life into exactly what you’ve longed for.
July Genius Special: Private Session with Aneeahseah for $37.50!

Apply for attendance by writing to info@invincibilityseries.com.


New Invincible Courage Academy Coaching Program with Certified Coach Tricia De Felice

Study & learn how to evaluate your life – discovering what you wish to do to and all that may be blocking your attainment.  12 week programs available to make major changes in your life!  Appointments available in September, 2017.

3 Month Master Class

Days, Dates & Times

Week # 1, session 1, of 12 weeks:  4-8-17 5:30 p.m. (pacific), Saturday Evening  1-1/2 hours

Week #1, session 2, of 12 weeks:  4-10-17 Monday Evening 5:30 p.m. 1 hour-QuantuMantra™ Meditation upon the subject “Choosing Creation” of the lesson you are each on.

Each other week, from week 2 through 12, the same time & location on same days of the week for two live meetings per week.

Our exciting, do-able, proven, time-tested work in the 3 Month Master Class is beyond what you imagined could ever happen with this type of program.  In fact there likely is no other program quite like as this.

Taking the combined genius of a survivor of cancer for over four decades, and counting, a proven master in successful business building along with her one-quarter century life lived in a ‘modern day monastery’ & what do you get?

The course of a lifetime, that’s what you get!  

You’ll parlay the combined wisdom of Aneeahseah at the helm, the brilliance of senior students who aced the most recent past course with successes that will make your heart pound. An accountability partner will help you keep on target.  We like those partners who do not make us do anything, but are available to support & motivate by example.

Apply the weekly live classes, trainings, meditation links, training links & online work-book pages.  Read your blog’s & I-Am-Isms on the course content page we are on.  Add to the mix, our elegant Course Home Base on a sophisticated, and EZ, platform where you can virtually visit your teacher & other students, turn in your weekly notes & ask questions.

To this, add these Bonus Extras as part of our Thank You:  1)   All morning live programs, Wednesdays & Sundays, FREE during the 3 months.  2) The complete 4 Week Online Course FREE to study for 12 full months from the start of the course.  A FREE private session with Aneeahseah prior to or at the beginning & following, the 3 Month Master Class.   $500.00 tuition reduction for the upcoming December 2017, Maui, Hawaii, Immersion Retreat.   A total value of over $1,600.00 when you register for the Three Month Master Class.

Locations:  Online, streaming at Zoom meeting platform… or in person @ Invincible Heart Center, 320 East Main Street, Suite 300, Ashland, OR
Curriculum:  Is offered in detail, to each participant who registers.  Overview:  Each week, on Saturday, we will have a lesson with a Question & Answer session.  There will be practice time & student-teacher leadership development.  The lessons range from discovering what our deepest dreams, fears, loves, blocks & the wisdom, practice, tenets, all designed to move us more truly into our higher vibrational foci while eliminating the lower level awaiting, if untended, calamities.  All this through to the epitome of your earthly dance. . . your loftiest Dream is realized.

For the second meeting of each week, on Mondays, we meet for a QuantuMantra™ session to further seed in the Morphogenic field, all that we Choose out of Creation.

This body of work is testimonial-ized by two senior student who realized each their own dreams:

And thus, the WHY:

“I began the Invincible Heart Traditions Three Month Master Class in 2015 with the thought that what I wanted to create would likely take, at least, five years. Within three WEEKS, yes you saw right, three weeks of applying the 3MMC teachings & support, I created the concept of the feline recovery sanctuary, got the funding, had the project housing built & the first resident of the Sanctuary, Puck, in place & being healed. My dream, “Pucks Place”, into reality in 3 weeks. Who isn’t impressed with that?” Tricia De Felice, “Pucks Place”, Talent, OR

“I had thought about the job I wanted, on & off, for about the past 8 years. Thinking that it would likely not come into reality. I began my 3 Month Master Class with Aneeahseah & Team, applied the teachings, techniques & practices & shortly after the 3 month course, I had created this ‘dream job’, interviewed for it & obtained the job as Marketing Director at one of the best known, Non-Profit, Arts Showcase in Southern Oregon. This work really works!”  Mike Gantenbein, Phoenix, OR
And, this is the space where YOUR testimonial is scheduled to appear in 2017:

Please contact me with any questions via email:  Aneeahseah@Invincibilityseries.com or call 541.690.4447
What are you waiting for?  Your testimonial can be the most incredible one yet. . . trust in yourselves for the greatest mysteries, unfolded, await you . . . &, hint. . . they look just like miracles.
Miracles are those things we plan in this dimension, plant in the Quantum Field & we then apply this wisdom, surrendering that ‘choice’ to Divine intelligence & Celebrate the Miracle you are.

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Soul, Spirit & Maui Ocean Retreat

Mystical Beautiful Deep Dive – Soul, Spirit & Ocean Retreat: 6 night, 5 day Maui Retreat 11/5-11/2017 with Courage Whisperer Aneeahseah, Whale  & Dolphin Ocean and Mystical delights abound.  Meditation Immersion to cement your evolution and deep ocean explorations.  Stay tuned for more information coming soon.
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Valentines Day Meditation-Heart Chakra Opening in these uncertain times…Becoming Certain, Empowered and Heart-Centered.

7:30 – 9:00 p.m., 2/17/17 – Tuition by donation of funds or food for the Ashland Food Project

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